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Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves have a few different commonly used names, such as wood burners, log stoves or simply wood stoves. These stoves burn wood (although multi-fuel versions do exist on the market) and can be used for both heating the home, as well as for cooking, or simply boiling the kettle for a cup of tea.

Why choose a wood burning stove?

They are an increasingly popular installation for many homes in the UK, and are popular for several reasons. We outline the principal ones here:

Attractive Look – Available in a huge range of designs and styles to suit any taste and budget. Wood burners are made from cast iron or steel, both of which are highly versatile and can be shaped and fashioned into a variety of models.

Clean and efficient – Wood burners run typically at over 50% efficiency and often much higher, and are at least twice as cost effective as open fires. That obviously has the added advantage of making fuel stocks last much longer.

Carbon neutral – Burning wood releases the same amount of CO2 as the tree would naturally release upon its death.

What about the smoke that is given off?

Of course wood burners do produce smoke, but this is contained within the burner itself, and released into the atmosphere via a flue and chimney. It’s important to ensure that your existing chimney is large enough, or you will need a twin flue system which can be more expensive to install.

How much do they cost?

A good wood burning stove will cost anything from a few hundred pounds to several thousand for a high end model. Installation can be as much again at least, depending on the nature of the preparatory work that needs doing.