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Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves look broadly the same as the more mainstream wood burning versions that are available on the market. However, there is one key difference, and that is the ability to use more than just wood as fuel.

A range of fuels available

In addition to wood, multi fuel stoves are able to burn a variety of natural fuels, which are often cheaper and more sustainable than wood. These fuels include wood chip briquettes and pellets, peat and smokeless fuels. The efficiency of multi-fuel burners these days means that fuels which you would not usually consider using, most of them naturally occurring, become a viable source of heat for your home.

It’s possible to either buy these fuels, or if you have a large outdoor space or garden, to collect items such as wood or peat to burn on your multi-fuel burner. This can supplement bought fuels to provide an extremely cost effective source of heat.

Additional features

Whereas wood burns best on a bed of ash, multi fuel stoves require slightly different conditions for optimum heat production. These stoves will contain a grate on which the fire can burn and also a removable ash pan. Other stove types usually do not contain this feature.

Maximum efficiency

Multi-fuel burners are becoming more and more efficient as the underlying technology is steadily improved, offering a more cost effective heating solution as a result. Heating efficiency has been improved through the use of technologies such as cleanburn. This involves the passing of pre-heated air into the burner. Designs are also continually improved to provide maximum heat production.

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