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Which fuels to use for your stove

One of the great advantages to using stove burners in your home, is the flexibility that they afford in respect of fuel. The types of fuel that can be burned will primarily depend on the type of burner that you have.

Wood burners burn either wood or wood pellets. Wood can either be purchased from retailers directly, or can be claimed for free from builders yards, hedgerows or from the garden. Always check with the landowner first when taking away wood, and also make sure that the wood that you use has not been treated in any way. This last point is especially important from a safety perspective.

Multi fuel burners give even more flexibility. They are designed to burn both wood (as outlined above) and also biomass too. Again, this can be reclaimed from natural surroundings, but  many specialist fuel manufacturers produce specifically manufactured fuel pellets for multi fuel burners. These are cost effective, and burn with a high degree of efficiency.